End of Nat’s January Detox

February 3rd, 201512:09 am @


Well it’s over!

We did it!

How do you feel?

Everyone who I have spoken to that finished their detox on the weekend and decided to indulge are all wanting to go back on it today! Including Natalia and I!

Which is the point of it all. It’s about changing habits and feeling the difference when you toxify your body. Doing a detox gives you the benchmarks.

Eating healthy is a life style and the more you learn about your body the easier it is to make these life choices.

Today we have gone back to a maintenance program of eating healthy during the week and will then will allow ourselves those little indulgences on the weekends!

When I was body building this was one of the ways I was able to maintain the grueling diet in preparation for competition. All week I had to be obsessed with my meals, even down to weighing everything I ate, but one day a week I could eat what ever I liked. It works. Your system burns the extra energy and calories you consume because your metabolism is working so well, your mind gets a break from the routine so you don’t go mad and the body gets some great ‘love’ endorphins from the joy of the indulgence. The trick is having the discipline to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle most of the time.

So don’t stop following us just because the detox is over! We will continue to post about all the wonderful food we love to eat and share with you how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without feeling in the slightest bit deprived!

Let’s share this journey.

Nat’s first indulgence, apart for the few glasses of red wine for which she suffered, was quail with sweet chilli sauce. Here’s Saturday night’s dinner!


If you are going to eat meat then make it free range and ethically grown…please.