About the author

Mandy Keillor is a founding director of Studio Australia Barcelona.

Studio Australia Barcelona is a unique internationally recognised health and wellness center in Barcelona.

In 2005, at 41, Mandy left her career after 20 years as a designer and builder in Australia and relocated to Barcelona to follow a life long dream to move to Europe.  This move was life changing.  She changed not only country but also her career and her entire lifestyle.THEAUTHOR

Four months after arriving in Barcelona, Mandy and her partner Natalia Laing established one of the first studios of Pilates in Barcelona.  After their initial success they relocated and expanded the business in 2009 to include a complete menu of complementary health practices for rehabilitation, wellness, inner health, diet and nutrition.

Mandy has always been inspired to seek the right knowledge for her body so she can maintain her best level of health and fitness.  Since her 20’s Mandy has explored and experienced a myriad of detox and diet programs looking for the key.  In her 30’s she became a competitive body builder.  The combination of these experiences gave her the foundation to understand her body through diet, nutrition, metabolism, physical exercise, and self care.  A practice of care that is now entrenched in her life.

When she began working closely with the clients in her center who wanted to change their own habits, she realized that many people were not at all in touch with their bodies. Most did not understand how to adapt their lifestyle, fitness routines, eating habits, or diets, to achieve their goals of a healthy body.  Very few had ever had the opportunity to detox their systems and many thought the idea of detox was too extreme to even consider.

So to help the people wanting to participate in her detox programs, Mandy decided to write a simple, easy to follow guide, intended for people who had never done a detoxification program.  This book now has it’s 4th edition.

The Detox Journey is Mandy’s latest guide to detoxing your body with food.  A food journey!

She writes,

“I have written this guide to give you a safe, simple, and effective detox program that can integrate into your daily life for 14 days with just a little organization, planning and determination. Not just like any journey, this adventure will be full of tasty, unexpected food experiences with surprising easy to prepare dishes to tantalise your taste buds along the way. Bon voyage!”