Raw Food

What is Raw Food?

The principle behind the whole and raw food movement is that the plant foods we eat should not be cooked above 45°C or 115°F to allow live enzymes that live in the food to assist our body in the processing of the food.

Live enzymes in our food act as catalysts to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Our bodies thrive on these enzymes and they give us life. They are essential for our bodies in digesting, eliminating and providing nutrients. Raw food is like a tonic for our body.

One of the problems we encounter when people embark upon a raw food cleanse is that they starve themselves by eating only carrots and apples because they do not have the ideas about how to put food groups together for a balanced diet, especially with only fruit, vegetables and nuts and seeds to work with. Detox Guide – 14 days in your own home helps you through the process by providing meals plans and recipes so you can enjoy what you are eating.

Read what Raw Food chef and expert, Christine Mayr has to say.

3-Day Raw Food Cleanse

Below is a complementary 3-day raw food cleanse, which will give you a sneak peak into the full detox guide. This cleanse was featured in the Australian online magazine, Wedding Style.

If you have health problems, or are on prescription medicine you should consult your doctor before attempting any cleansing or detoxification programs. Do not cleanse during pregnancy or nursing.

Cleansing or severely limiting your diet can produce side effects including constipation, headaches, low blood sugar, skin out breaks, diarrhoea and bad breath.

It is very important when you follow a raw food cleanse that you eat enough. You need to eat at least every 2.5 to 3 hours and select a good combination of fruits for natural sugar and energy, vegetables, nuts and seeds to give enough fibre, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for your body.

Click here to try out the 3-day raw food cleanse.

Raw Food Saturday Luncheon Series November and December 2012

We have recently hosted two Raw Food Saturday Luncheons. We have included the menus below to inspire you to try and eat raw too! Please check out our photo gallery here. The food was delicious and the afternoon was very enjoyable. Maybe we will see you at the next event!