Detox Guide Review

March 25th, 20131:31 pm @


Thank you to KathleenBCN for your kind review on

I recently completed this detox and it was the first detox I ever attempted. My body was feeling tired and weighed down and I had the sensation that I needed to do something to regain energy. I was honestly nervous, but the guide is so practical and doable, even while working full-time. The first two days were really rough, as I’ve been told they always are on a detox…especially if you are a coffee drinker or used to any other processed foods on a regular basis. However, after day 3, I started feeling light and full of energy again! In fact, I’ve never felt so good! The experience was life-changing and made me reevaluate everything that I put into my body. I plan on doing the detox again after the new year and making some long-term changes to my eating habits. Totally recommendable!!!


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