Detox Dinner Party

February 9th, 20154:05 pm @


Many people think that detox food is boring and that you always end up hungry and not satisfied.

Not at our house!

Last weekend we decided to invite some of our dearest friends who are just a LITTLE skeptical about whether they could ever do a detox to a 4 course dinner (DETOX) party.

Our menu included:

  • vietnamese cold rolls
  • gingery noodle soup
  • pan fried lubina fish with mixed vegetables in coconut sauce and brown rice
  • apple crumble with goat’s milk yoghurt and organic honey

The fun thing was that we didn’t tell them that they were going to be eating the same food we had prepared on our detox!

And they LOVED it!

When we told them after the third course when they were asking for the recipes that this was the food we had been eating for the past month (minus the wine!) they were just a little impressed!

The food was nothing like they had imagined.  It was satisfying, tasted great and it was fresh.  Best of all it was healthy.

Well, really the best thing was that our friends realised that not all detoxes or healthy diets are about apples, carrots, drinking only juices and being deprived!

Why not try making your own Vietnamese cold rolls.

All you need is the rice paper which you can buy from any Asian grocer and your own choice of fillings.  The time is in the chopping!

We used shredded lettuce, thinly sliced carrots, capsicum and spring onion, some delicate japanese mushrooms and prawns.

Other ingredients you could use are vermicelli noodles, snow peas, cucumber, tofu….really anything that you can wrap!

To accompany our cold rolls we made a Thai corriander, garlic and chilli dipping sauce.  Sweet chilli sauce is also great if you have it in the cupboard.

A HINT…I put the soaked rice paper on a damp cloth napkin.  It stops it from sticking together.  It also makes it easier to roll once you have placed the ingredients.

IMG_7989 IMG_7991