Day 22 Nat’s January Detox!  Last week everyone!

January 26th, 20151:02 pm @


We are both savoring the moment we can have that glass of red wine and going to our favorite Italian restaurant again!

Nat has on her TO EAT list:  gnocchi Sorrentina, the Crunchie bars our client just bought back from Australia and a gin and tonic!

But I have to say it has been such a great detox and we are feeling so good that we do not want to go back to all our regular habits of coffee, bread and the need for meat with every meal.

This week it is important to think about how you want to come off the detox and what you want to reintroduce back into your diet and what you want to leave out all together.

Detox or no detox we will continue to start our day with our warm glass of water and lemon, a heaped teaspoon of KIKI Nature’s Living Superfood dissolved in a glass of water – you can put it in with your smoothie but I like the extra fluid intake by taking it separately and our green smoothie.

It’s the perfect start to EVERY day!

Happy Australia Day!